• Deluxe Roto Nail Filer
    Deluxe Roto Nail Filer

    Deluxe Roto Nail Filer

    ৳ 850.00

    Deluxe ┬áRoto Clipper – introducing the easy way to trim and file nails!

    Forget nail clippers and scissors, Roto Clipper by Deluxe takes away all the mess and hassle when trimming your nails.

    Perfect for people with limited mobility or dexterity, as well as parents who are tired of trying to hold their young children still when it’s time to cut their nails, Roto Clipper is the safe and easy way to trim and file finger and toe nails.

    Key is the double-sided safety blade that spins at 700rpm and has been designed with a recessed position and beveled cutting edges, which means it’s virtually impossible to cut yourself!

    One side accurately trims your nails, while a nail file on the other side is ideal for smoothing off any rough edges when you’re done. It’s even fitted with an LED to help those with poor vision, and a removable head helps you avoid a mess by catching most of the debris.